New Sinful Colors-Leap Flog

I can now confirm the official name is Leap Flog.

I don’t plan on announcing many new polishes hitting the market on this blog, unless I actually get something from that collection.  I had to blog about this though.  Sinful Colors new collection, presumably for fall.

I’m not really sure what the name of this new color is supposed to be.  G, from Nouveau Cheap (if you don’t keep up with this blog, you’re missing out!) tweeted that the color was called Leap Frog.  The label on the bottle I found today says Leap Flog.  If anyone knows what the name really is, please post it in the comments on the side.

I really shouldn’t be buying anymore nail polishes now, but I can’t pass up Sinful Colors.  It’s inexpensive, and I’ve not had many problems with this brand.  I went out today to see if I could find this new color since no one has said anything about it as far as Google is concerned.

The newest collection from Sinful is called ‘Study In Style’.  The display just hit my local Walgreens and hadn’t been officially put out yet.  I was told by the wonderful woman helping me that she just got it yesterday, so it should start popping up in the next week or so.  The only color I’d not heard of in this collection besides the one I went looking for was Ocean Side.  I can post swatches if someone would like to see it.  It’s the blue bottle, and has an older number of 962.  All newer colors are numbered in the 1000s.  If you didn’t pick up Winterberry the last time it was out, you can pick it up from this collection as well.  I missed it the first time around, so I’m glad it’s been put back out.


I absolutely love this Leap Frog/Flog.  It went on opaque in two coats, and has a smooth and shiny finish.  In the bottle it looks like a dusty olive green color.  I didn’t use a top coat in these pictures.



Outside, no flash


Outside, no flash


Inside, no flash


What I Own Page Completed

The “What I Own” page has been completed (until something new finds its way into my stash!).  The page can be found in the bar at the top of the page. If there’s something that you’d like to see on the nail, please leave me a message on that page with the brand and color name and I’ll get it into one of my weekly manicures.

Mani #2-Sinful Colors Zeus

I finally decided to wear Sinful Colors Zeus.  This color comes from the ‘Cast Away’ collection, which contained 8 new colors.  If you’re a Sinful Colors fan, you know they often slip core colors into their displays along with the new colors.  I loved this collection, even though some of the colors are nearly identical in shade.  I think I was drawn to it because the colors are what I would normally go for.

I went after this collection when Walgreens was having a Sinful Color $.99 sale.  I was able to pick up the entire collection, but it took work and going to a number of Walgreens.  I knew Zeus was a popular shade and my chances of finding it where slim.  Twelve  Walgreens later (yes, twelve!), and I came across a lone bottle, sitting in the bottom of an almost empty bin.  I was so close to giving up and seriously wondered if this color even existed.  It was the one color that I wanted more than any of the others.  I found it though, and after applying it, I’m so happy with it.

Two coats are all that you need with this polish.  I used the Sinful Colors top coat as well, and did some stamping on my thumbnail from the Salon Express kit.

Outdoor, natural light

Stamped with Sinful Colors Black on Black. Stamp is from the Salon Express kit.

Indoor, flash

Sinful Colors Zeus
Outdoor, no flash.

This color has to be in my top ten favorites.  If I were ever to come across another bottle of this, I’d snap it up in a heartbeat!

Thanks for reading.  Hopefully I’ll be able to work on my “What I Own” list over the next few days.  If I put anything there you want to see swatched, please let me know.


I came across this giveaway on Enamel Girl’s blog (link will open in a new window).  It’s open until June 26, 2012.

Mani #1

New to posting my weekly manicure, but I’m sure I’ll figure this out with time.  I’ve read enough nail polish blogs to learn a bit about taking photographs.

This weeks mani is done with Finger Paints Choco Mint and Wet n Wild Fast Dry Light with Caution.  I love mint shades and have a number of them that I need to try to compare.   This is the first time I’ve used Finger Paints, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The Finger Paints went on well.  The first coat was a little streaky, but it evened out with the second coat.  I really like how this applied to the nail

I’m just getting into the glitter crazy, and when I saw the Fast Dry Sparks & Stripes LE collection, I picked up one of each color.  Light with Caution has hex glitter in a light to pale pink shade, along with some smaller glitters in the same light to pale pink and also in a blue to green.

Mani #1

Finger Paints – Choco Mint
Wet n Wild Fast Dry – Light With Caution

Natural Light
Natural light, no flash

Indoor with flash
Indoor, with flash



What do you think of this color combination?  Love or Hate?


Welcome to my blog, The Nail Color Files!  Here, I will be sharing my love for nail polish.  I, unfortunately, can’t afford what I really want right now, so what I show will be what I already have in my collection.  Maybe there will be something new thrown in by surprise.  Thanks for reading.

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