Don’t Upset the USOC

Okay, this post is supposed to be a little on the humorous side, but a bit serious at the same time.  Planning on doing nails inspired by the Games? You might want to watch what you put on your nails or what name you give your manicure for those two weeks-or for the rest of you life.

Aside from being a “lacquer-head”, I’m also a “yarn-aholic”.  I love to knit, but with it being so dang hot and finishing a massive birthday gift last month, I’m a bit burnt out.  I just came across this information that was sent to Casey, of the social network Ravelry (of which I’m a part of).  A “cease and desist” letter because knitters hold something called the Ravelympics to go along with the Olympics.  This could  “denigrate” the nature of the Olympic events and are disrespectful to the athletes.  All because we have special events with names and knit what goes along with that event  Also, adding a part of the word Olympics infringes on trademark.  I get where the trademark thing could come into play, using the rings and logos without permission, but really?  Legal stuff is so far out of my league, but whatever.  I could go on for awhile about this, but I’ll spare you.

The letter, in it’s entirety, can be found on Exchanging Fire.

Are you having a special contest, giveaway, or just showing off manicures inspired by the Games?  Better hope the USOC doesn’t find out.  Your inspirational manicure could be disrespectful to the athletes because, you know, painting your nails takes no talent at all.  Any Olympic inspired nail polish out there best not mention anything about the Olympics.  What you paint on your nails might infringe on copyrights.  I wonder if you can’t use the colors of the rings together anymore.

I get the importance of the brand, but sometimes it’s taken a little overboard by companies.

Okay, back to our happy little polish-filled world! 🙂


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