FriXion by Pilot

I am a pen…collector.  I love pens and always looking for something new.  I have my favorites that I keep going back to depending on my mood.  I was so excited about the Pilot FriXion pens that showed up in my box.  Erasable gel ink?  Yes please!

FriXion by Pilot

FriXion by Pilot

I remember the days of using erasable ink in elementary school.  Erasers didn’t last, ink wasn’t all that good, and there would be these little shaving from the eraser to brush away.  That is not the case with these pens.  They erase cleanly, there’s nothing to “wipe away”, and the ink writes better than any other gel pen I’ve tried.  Even the colors other than black and blue erase amazingly well!


After erasing the red ink. I had to press a bit harder than normal on the paper to get the pen started, but look how cleanly it erased. Once the ink is flowing, press down on the paper like you would with any other pen.

The eraser is on the end of the pen.  I love that it’s there and not the cap so that if the cap gets lost, you don’t lose the eraser.  I’m also one of those people that puts the cap on the end of their pen while writing, so you’ll have to remove the cap to erase.  The pen is a 0.7 fine tip.  The ink is vibrant!

FriXion pen in red.

FriXion pen in red.

They come in 8 different colors and are available in 3 packs or 8 packs.  I’ve already gone out to pick out more colors since getting these in my box.  I picked up 2 three packs from Target.  One pack contained black, blue, and red.  The other pack contained pink, purple, and orange.  The other two colors that I don’t currently have are green and brown.

These are going into my “favorite pen” category.  My other favorite pen from Pilot is the V5.

Disclaimer: I received each product complimentary for testing purpose from Influenster.



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