Wet n Wild Saved By the Bell Collection

I didn’t post a manicure yesterday because I was finishing up swatches for this collection.  I never really planned on posting swatches of a collection unless I was sent something to provide a review, but when I got my hands on these Wet n Wild polishes, I knew I had to.

Saved by the Nail Display

Saved by the Nail Display

I know that there are many polish fans out there that are having trouble finding these limited editions, but rest assured that they do exist!  I don’t go into CVS that often, but I decided to make a stop just to see if they had them.  Not only did they have them, but they had at least one bottle of the entire set!  I almost couldn’t believe it, considering how some people can’t find this at all, or can only find a few colors and are searching multiple CVS stores.  Not that I really needed to, but I grabbed one of each color.

Despite having some Wild Shine polishes in my stash, I’d never worn them, so I wasn’t sure what to expect in the way of wear and application.

The six colors of the Saved By the bell collection. From left to right:
Pom Pom Kelly, Straight A Jesse, Pin’ Em Slater, Nerd Alert: Screech, Chick Magnet Zack, Fashionista Lisa

Please forgive my poor swatch photos.  They were done over two days when the sun was out one minute and it was cloudy and rainy the next.  Excuse the poor nail clean up as well.  Details seem to disappear when I’m in a hurry!

Pom Pom Kelly

Pom Pom Kelly is a hot pink shade.  It goes on sheer, and dries to a satin finish.  It looks more glossy in my photos, but there is a slight matte to it as well, hence the satin like finish.  Application was amazing, no streaks and dried quickly.  I did two coats of polish in this photo, and you could see the nail line.  It was more visible than in the photo.  I did not apply any top coat.

Straight A Jesse

Straight A Jesse

Straight A Jesse is a bright neon orange.  My photo makes it look brighter than it really is, but it’s still eye catching!  Again, the application was amazing.  It has the same satin finish to it.  This polish also dries sheer, and you can see the nail line.  I did 2 coats of polish, no top coat.

Pin' Em Slater

Pin’ Em Slater

Pin’ Em Slater is a bright neon yellow.  I was curious about how this would go onto my nail.  I have another neon yellow similar to this that streaks horribly!  What a pleasant surprise with how will this one went on!  It was smooth, no streaks, flawless.  I really want another bottle of this just because of those three things!  This yellow was more sheer than any of the other colors.  I applied 3 coats of this polish instead of 2 because of how sheer it came out to be.  It has the same satin finish.  I love this color, even though it’s hard for me to wear any shade of yellow on its own.  Again, no top coat.

Warm Colors

Warm Colors of the Collection

Nerd Alert: Screech

Nerd Alert: Screech

Nerd Alert: Screech is a neon green shade.  This one is also fairly sheer.  In the picture I’m wearing 2 coats.  Again, this polish had the same satin finish.  I love this shade of green because it’s not too bright, but still fits in the neon family.  Application was great, just as the other colors were.  This is one of my favorites from this collection.  No top coat.

Chick Magnet Zack

Chick Magnet Zack

Chick Magnet Zack is an awesome teal shade.  If I was asked which color in the collection was my favorite, it would be this one!  It didn’t apply as sheer as the other colors and the satin finished worked really well.  My picture shows 2 coats, no top coat.  I really want another bottle of this, over any other color in the collection.  If this is the only bottle you ever find in this collection, pick it up.  There’s nothing much more to say except that this is just amazing.

Fashionista Lisa

Fashionista Lisa

Fashionista Lisa is a great shade of purple.  I know it looks more pink in my photo, but it dries to the color in the bottle.  There is noticeable difference between Fashionista Lisa and Pom Pom Kelly.  In fact, I’m wearing one color on one hand and the other color on the other hand.  This is another sheer, but not so bad with just 2 coats.  It has the same satin finish as the rest.  No top coat.

Cool Colors of the Collection

Cool Colors of the Collection

Overall, I love this collection!  I’m so glad I picked it up, even though it wasn’t really on my “must find, must have list”.  I am amazed at the application and I’m hoping it’s the same with the other Wild Shines I have.  Dry time was great as well.  The next time I wear these, I’m going to add a white base or nearly nude base, just to see how it looks.  I think the one I’m most excited about is Pin’ Em Slater because it didn’t streak.  The color I love most is Chick Magnet Zack.  I have some other sheers in my collection, and I think these have finally gotten me to embrace them!

As far as I know this collection is exclusive to CVS stores, as that’s where I found mine and where others have found their SBtB polishes.  I’ve also heard that someone found them at Kmart, but I can’t confirm that.

Have you spotted this collection?  Have you picked any up, and if you have, what did you get?  What ones do you want if you haven’t found it yet?

Mani #7- Wet n Wild Megalast Disturbia


Let me start off by saying that I love this color!  It’s a color I’ve been wanting to wear for awhile, but I kept holding off.  Blog reader Sandy also asked me to swatch this color, so that gave me a great reason to wear it!

As you know from my other posts about this Megalast line, I love the polish, formula and brush, and it was no different with this bottle.  Disturbia is a deep deep purple with a hint of purple specks.  The specks are more noticeable in the bottle and on the brush than they are on the nail, but in the right light there’s a hint of shimmer.  In the pictures I’m wearing two coats and Sinful Colors top coat.

I decided to try some nail art again this week.  Using Sinful Colors Casablanca, I painted a bow on each thumb nail, and did dots on the other nails.  Casablanca was found on the Suit Up with Haute displays.  If any of your Walgreens have the big bin of Sinful Colors, you might be able to find it if you dig around.  I love Casablanca as a nail art polish because of how thick it is.  I did some stamping with it before I started my blog and it worked and looked amazing!  I do need to practice my “bow making”, but for the first time I think they look pretty good!

Color(s) Used: Wet n Wild Megalast – Disturbia, Sinful Colors – Casablanca

Nail Art: Bows and dots

Recommendation: I love the Megalast line, so I’d recommend it as an inexpensive drugstore polish option.  If you don’t like the flat, rounded brush, then you won’t like the brushes.  Two coats and you’re good to go!



Mani # 6 – Wet n Wild Megalast 2% Milk


Blog reader Sandy asked me two swatch a couple of colors, and I’ve got one of them right here!

I wore 2% Milk a few weeks before starting my blog.  I love the color, but I don’t think I’d wear it unless I did some type of nail art or glitter over it.  It would be a great on-the-job color if you were limited in what you could wear.  It’s a very sheer, creamy nude.

I absolutely love the Megalast line.  I love the brushes and the smooth application of this polish.  It dries quickly and has a great wear time.  I have a couple of bumps in the polish on a couple of my nails, but I was digging through cabinets and probably caught something.  It’s not something that I’ve found to be normal with this polish.  Completely a user thing.  I used Sinful Colors top coat.

I didn’t take indoor pictures, but this color is difficult to capture due to the sheerness of it.  In the pictures I’m wearing three coats.  I also did some stenciled nail art on my thumbnail to show what it looks like with something else over it.  A great tutorial for stenciled nail are can be found on Chalkboard Nails.  It’s so easy to do and there are so many possibilities!  I used butterflies for mine, but they look more like bows.  The pink doesn’t show up as clearly as it does in the picture.


Mani #4 – Wet n Wild Megalast On a Trip


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a simple mani – no glitter, stamping, nail art.  Sometimes it’s good to “go back to basics”.

I have a number of bottles of Wet n Wild Megalast that I’ve picked up from $.99 (or less!) sales after reading decent reviews of this line.  Before I started my blog I wore 2% Milk for a week and it wore very, so I have hope that the other colors will wear just as well.  I’m drawn to purple nail polish and passing this color up was not an option.

The application was decent, although I could have done with a slightly thicker second coat.  There’s still a bit of nail showing, but it wouldn’t be noticeable if you weren’t looking for it.  The Megalast come with a ManiCurve Pro Brush, a flatter curved brush.  You either love it or hate it.  I happen to love the brush and can cover most of the nail in just one pass.  I just have to go back and paint the very edge of my nail.  On a Trip dries to a shiny finish.

I love a shiny finish on a nail, but when I heard about NYC having an inexpensive matte top coat, I grabbed a few bottles.  It’s taken me awhile to break away from the shiny finish and actually try the matte.  I’m so happy I tried it with this polish.  I love how it turned out.  I’ve read that this matte top coat can chip in a few days, which might be why I’ve not tried it on some of my manicures that I’ve wanted to last.

Wet n Wild Megalast – On a Trip
Outdoor, no flash.

Outdoor, no flash.
Matte top coat.

Indoor, flash.
No top coat.

What do you think of On a Trip as a matte?  Do you love or hate the Megalast brushes?


Mani #1

New to posting my weekly manicure, but I’m sure I’ll figure this out with time.  I’ve read enough nail polish blogs to learn a bit about taking photographs.

This weeks mani is done with Finger Paints Choco Mint and Wet n Wild Fast Dry Light with Caution.  I love mint shades and have a number of them that I need to try to compare.   This is the first time I’ve used Finger Paints, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The Finger Paints went on well.  The first coat was a little streaky, but it evened out with the second coat.  I really like how this applied to the nail

I’m just getting into the glitter crazy, and when I saw the Fast Dry Sparks & Stripes LE collection, I picked up one of each color.  Light with Caution has hex glitter in a light to pale pink shade, along with some smaller glitters in the same light to pale pink and also in a blue to green.

Mani #1

Finger Paints – Choco Mint
Wet n Wild Fast Dry – Light With Caution

Natural Light
Natural light, no flash

Indoor with flash
Indoor, with flash



What do you think of this color combination?  Love or Hate?

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