Mani #3-Sinful Colors Water Marble

Happy Sunday everyone!  I’m here with pictures and info about this week’s manicure.  I’ve gotten a few comments about it already from those that have seen it and they’ve all be good!  This technique is beginning to grow on me.

I don’t usually do manicures for specific holidays except for St. Pat’s Day.  It’s the only time of the year, usually, when I pull out my Sinful Colors Irish Green.  I decided to do a July 4th mani this year though by doing a water marble.

Water marbling is so easy to do, but it can become time consuming.  That’s my number one reason for not doing it that often.  There are a number of great tutorials out there on various blogs and on YouTube, so I didn’t feel the need to do one here.

The colors I used are the same ones, I think, that are on the 4th of July display for SC. I’m not sure what the collection is called this year, but it includes three colors and a few nail art colors.

The colors I used were Snow Me White, Gogo Girl, and Midnight Blue.  I didn’t know if the red would react to the white while dropping the colors into the water, but it worked well enough.  I have a few places where it’s more pink than red, but not enough to make a drastic difference.  The Midnight Blue didn’t want to drop from the brush as easily as the other two colors, nor did it spread once it hit the water.  It dragged easily enough to get a design.  The other two colors were a dream to work with.  Top coat used is Sinful Colors.

From Left to Right:
Gogo Girl, Snow Me White, Midnight Blue

Right hand, outside, no flash.
I love my thumb and 3rd finger.

Left hand, outside, no flash.
I love my 1st and 2nd finger nails!



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